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Nicola Whitley is a dedicated aunty and a real life godmother. She is a Kiwi, proudly of European and Pacific Island heritage.

Nicola Jae Storybooks came about, when one day, a single idea for a storyline, unique and original, came to mind and Nicola felt compelled to write it.

Since then, Nicola has imagined remarkable children’s picture storybooks. She’s been excited and delighted that her storybooks are out in the world to be loved and enjoyed by every child.

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If you’d like to buy a copy of Fastest Ski Bug Ever! – head to Paperplus St Heliers - or email Nicola on with your phone number and she will look forward to getting a copy out to you!

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Fastest Ski Bug Ever!

Tineenio Beetl Weevl Bug realizes just how much he loves to ski on super-fast skis.

After a dollop of snow flips him onto the tips of the fastest skis, Tineenio’s adventures begin!

He meets a young boy named Keer and a falcon named Fini and together they form a friendship.

Find out what happens next, in this fast paced, crazy adventure!

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